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Graduation ceremony and INP'IADES

Last modification on: 29/08/2014 - 15:49


Remise des Diplômes, or Graduation Ceremony, a very memorable night for most students of the INP-ENSIACET!


This event is the chance to measure out one's skill and sportsmanship in a tournament in which all the various schools of the INP duke it out in many sporting, but also acting (GIFI), activities and matches... all rounded up by a BBQ and a party in the evening.

At the end of it, the result does not matter : the aim is to meet all the other students of the INP and spend some good moments with them!

BDF parties

And every month the BDF (student group responsible for organising parties and taking care of the cafeteria at the ENSIACET) will offer themed and unforgettable parties!

The mascot TAC

Hello! My name is TAC and I will go with you on all sports fields and parties during 3 years!