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Catering at the campus

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University cafeteria

At the INP campus

Located on the actual campus, the CROUS cafeteria serves typical meals (starter + main course+ dessert).

It's open Monday to Friday at lunchtime throughout the school year.

Payments are done with a MONEO card, the student card (MUT card) or the CROUS card. It is possible to recharge all of these cards in the restaurant itself.

In Toulouse

Outside of the campus, almost 30 CROUS catering structures are available within Toulouse itself. These cafeterias serve typical meals (starter + main course+ dessert) for 3€, and also fast food (sandwiches, paninis, pasta-boxes...). All of these structures are open from Monday to Friday at lunchtime throughout the school year. Some of them serve out meals in the evenings.

catering at the Cafeteria

Carte de la Kfet

For students who don't have the time to go the university restaurant, the BDF serves out, at the school cafeteria, sandwiches (ham cheese, tuna, chicken, sausage). Students may also purchase drinks, crisps, compotes and various snacks.

The BDF also serves out a breakfast menu (coffee, hot chocolate or tea along with a snack and a fruit juice) for a total price of 1€.

There is also an afternoon menu for those who are still hungry?

cooking in the halls of residence

Most students use their kitchenette for their dinners.

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