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2014 Ranking and Awards

Last modification on: 25/07/2014 - 17:54

« L’Express-L’Etudiant » ranking

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The new Etudiant ranking

  • Based on the criteria of academic brilliance (theses, research performance, number of students per teacher, baccalaureat averages), the ENSIACET is ranked 15th out of 160 establishments.
  • Based on research criteria (theses, research performance), the ENSIACET is ranked 4th out of 160 establishments.
  • Based on the cost of student life criteria (schooling fees, scholarship holder rate, number of co-op students) the ENSIACET is ranked 4th out of all schools part of the Toulouse Academy.
  • Based on the following criteria : starting salary, theses, length of internships, research brilliance, expected English level, cost of student life ; the ENSIACET is ranked 2nd   out of 160 establishments.
  • Finally, the ENSIACET is the top school when it comes to the fields of energy, chemical and parachemical industries, over 160 establishments.


Time for you to refine these rankings, and see for yourself if the ENSIACET is what you want for your future career !


A high level engineering course in the field of matter transformation, energy and related services: a unique education centre in Europe