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    • 360° Virtual tour of INP-ENSIACET. Airimage

      360° Virtual tour of INP-ENSIACET

      Explore 360 degrees of INP-ENSIACET and its campus via this new virtual tour software. It is as if you were there!

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    • Crédits photos : Getty Images

      47000 job opportunities in the chemical industry by 2017

      A draft agreement signed by UIC, CFDT and CFTC anticipate 47000 career opportunities in the chemical industry by 2015-2017. On Thursday 17 July 2014, two unions and the UIC as well as the associated federations signed the first branch agreement within the context of the Responsibility Pact*.
      (*an agreement between the French government and companies)

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    • S.Camy and JS Condoret operating the lab scale high pressure reactor at LGC

      From lab to industry ...

      Turn a process at lab scale into industrial reality is often a long road, strewn with pitfalls but so rewarding when it hits the goal

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    • Handbook Ariane

      Handbook Ariane: Welcome in Midi-Pyrenees!

      A useful brochure for international Students, PhD students and Researchers published in english, spanish, chinese or french

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    • Booklet best theses 2013

      The booklet of best theses 2013

      Each year, INP Toulouse publishes the booklet of the best thesis defended in the year. Among the 23 best theses defended in 2013, 9 were performed in the research laboratories of INP ENSIACET.

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    • The CHEM.I.ST programme

      The CHEM.I.ST programme is an international class of the Gay-Lussac Federation.

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    • Logo CIRIMAT

      The CIRIMAT lab is-co-organizing three conferences in 2017

      Discover three international conferences organized or co-organized by the CIRIMAT lab in Toulouse in 2017...

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    • Toul'box

      Toul'Box: The essential set to ease your installation in Toulouse !

      Toul'Box: a complete set of tools for the students and researchers who are looking to easily settle in Toulouse

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    • Homepage

      Welcome to the english version of the INP-ENSIACET website

      The INP-ENSIACET website changes to english for even more energy and matter!

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