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Welcome to the english version of the INP-ENSIACET website

Last modification on: 15/09/2014 - 09:59


The INP-ENSIACET website changes to english for even more energy and matter!

The new english website deals with these issues:

  • allow easier access to our courses for foreign students in the fields of matter transformation and energy
  • transmit dynamic content to our international partners with a rich and diverse flux of information (news, events, videos, photo galleries, etc.)
  • provide web 2.0 services and funcitonnalities:  sharing data via social media or e-mail, allowing for comments at the bottom of each article, RSS flux, interactive maps, etc.
  • better meet accessibility standards.

The website is designed to work with all the latest browser versions (Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc.)

We remain open to your comments and suggestions.