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47000 job opportunities in the chemical industry by 2017

First branch agreement signed between UIC, CFDT and CFTC

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A draft agreement signed by UIC, CFDT and CFTC anticipate 47000 career opportunities in the chemical industry by 2015-2017. On Thursday 17 July 2014, two unions and the UIC as well as the associated federations signed the first branch agreement within the context of the Responsibility Pact*.
(*an agreement between the French government and companies)

More job opportunities, more young apprentices and more job diversity

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According to UIC, the negotiations between the unions and the professional organisation of chemistry came to an agreement on three main points which anticipate:

  • 47,000 job opportunities within the period 2015-2017
  • 5,000 young apprentices by 2017
  • Implementation of cross-generational contracts which intend to establish junior-senior working partnerships by promoting the employment of young people and the continued employment of older employees

The chemical industry, "the growing sector where you can find the best hiring prospects"

“The Chemical industry is claimed to have the fastest employment growth, which reflects the good sense of responsibility of the social partners (employer and worker representatives) and the rigour of the Social Dialogue*,” stated by very satisfied Jean Pelin, the general director of UIC.

 (*refers to discussions, consultations, negotiations and joint actions that take place between employers and trade unions)