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The booklet of best theses 2013

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Booklet best theses 2013

Each year, INP Toulouse publishes the booklet of the best thesis defended in the year. Among the 23 best theses defended in 2013, 9 were performed in the research laboratories of INP ENSIACET.

9 theses conducted in the research laboratories of INP-ENSIACET

Among the 23 best theses defended in 2013 at INP Toulouse, 9 were performed in the research laboratories of INP ENSIACET on various themes: 

  • Hydrodynamics of gas-liquid Taylor flow in microchannels
  • Potential of plant biomass for the treatment of domestic wastewater: development of a biofiltration process for on-site wastewater treatment
  • Biocorrosion of carbon steel in water injection systems of the oil and gas industry: new experimental models from the field
    Claudia COTE-COY, Lab LGC
  • Study on the integration of controllability and diagnosability of reactive distillation columns as from the conceptual design step. Application to the production of ethyl acetate,
  • Improvement of batch distillation separation of azeotropic mixtures
    Laszlo HEGELY, Lab LGC
  • Injectable, antibacterial and resorbable bone substitute: a physico-chemical and biological study of an apatite-based composite cement
    Sylvaine JACQUART, Lab CIRIMAT
  • Hemicelluloses production from straw and wheat bran at a pilot scale. Study of technical and environmental performances of an agro-process
    Leslie JACQUEMIN, Lab LCA
  • Thin layer deposit of a multi materials on the surface of solid particles: application to food particles coating
    Fabien LABOULFIE, Labs CIRIMAT and LGC
  • Study of the effect of trace elements on graphite growth in cast irons
    Koenraad Mark THEUWISSEN, Lab CIRIMAT

Download the booklet of the best thesis 2013
All theses presented in this book (except confidential) are available on http://ethesis.inp-toulouse.fr

Ediorial of Catherine Xuereb, Vice-President for Research

"Research is always very attractive for young talented students. Thanks to these brilliant graduates that choose to start their career with a doctorate, INPs laboratories generate innovative ideas and have the driving force to continually start new projects. Through this booklet, we would like to thank our PhD students for investing their talents and to congratulate them on their excellent results.

Academic research is often a fantasized area of activity: researchers are sometimes perceived as being totally disconnected from the society in which they live in, being focussed on their highly-specialized field of research, and using complicated vocabulary… The examples given in this booklet will contest this cliché of research. Our doctors are definitely at the very core of today’s civic and economic life. They no longer choose between fundamental and applied research: research is now treated a continuum, an indivisible entity. Sometimes it is necessary to deepen the knowledge of a subject, other times the subject needs to be widened and alternative tools and approaches from other disciplines need to be used.

Managing such complexity is extremely educative for the PhD students. They lead a complete project to its end and often in a wide context of international, industrial and institutional partnerships. They solve technical problems, compare approaches, evaluate results, defend their interpretations, and increase their skills. Through such experience, doctors become an undeniable force for companies and future employers.

INP has chosen to honor the best PhD theses defended each year. The Commission of Research from the Academic Council selects a maximum of 15 % of new graduates according to several criteria. We have 23 awardees this year.

Many thanks to all our industrial and institutional partners who, through doctorate studies, support research training and scientific advances, and trust our laboratories and research teams."