Renting a room in someone's houseHost family accommodation

ART is an association that offers help to people looking for a host family. The registration fee is 95€, and then the association helps you find a family that will accommodate you in Toulouse.

Plan at least 300 to 400€ a month for:

  • a furnished room of at least 10m2 and with at least a window,
  • room and sheets cleaned once per week,
  • access to a bathroom (with towels and a shower or bathtub),
  • restroom,
  • access to the communal fridge,
  • a daily breakfast.


This kind of accommodation implies a few rules:

  • Trust between the two parties is of course mandatory
  • The rooms are only for one person
  • No visits are allowed at night. During the day, the family must agree before you invite anyone
  • You must be at least 18 years old

Further information:

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