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    • 360° Virtual tour of INP-ENSIACET. Airimage

      360° Virtual tour of INP-ENSIACET

      Explore 360 degrees of INP-ENSIACET and its campus via this new virtual tour software. It is as if you were there!

    • Vidéo motion design

      About ENSIACET engineers (Subtitled)

      At Toulouse INP-ENSIACET, physicists, mathematicians, chemists, complex systems specialists and production specialists collaborate to address challenges of the transformation of matter and energy in a global and multidisciplinary way.


      Students : get vaccinated against Covid19.
      In order to fully enjoy a safe summer and avoid a strong resurgence of the Covid-19 in september, you can get vaccinated as of now. Slots are available at the ...

    • Engineering summer school 2019 (ESS2019)

      Engineering summer school 2019 (ESS2019)

      Come at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET to learn from international experts and put in practice immediately your new competences in environment, advanced materials, sustainability, green processes, bioproducts and energy.

    • Open day 2021

      Toulouse INP-ENSIACET opens its doors on Saturday 6 February 2021. Virtual event.

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L'école de la transformation de la matière et de l'énergie

4, allée Emile Monso - CS 44362
31030 TOULOUSE Cedex 4, France

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