Professional continuing education at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

Professional continuing education is one of the missions of Toulouse INP-ENSIACET in the same way as initial education.
The graduate engineering school focuses its efforts to develop continuing education among companies, employees and job-seekers in the scientific and technological fields including chemistry, materials, chemical engineering, process engineering and industrial engineering.

Today, Toulouse INP-ENSIACET offers:

  • recognized courses leading to different qualifications: engineering degrees, professional masters, post-graduate advanced master's degrees and DHET (Diploma of High Technological Studies),
  • training workshops that are pre-established or specially designed to meet the specific needs of the companies,
  • distance education trainings.

The courses at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET are adapted to all persons wishing to develop new skills, to improve, to obtain a diploma or a specialisation, to enhance their professional experience or make a change in their career. The content of the courses meets the targets of the companies, all the more so as Toulouse INP-ENSIACET builds its course offer with professional partners (companies, research centers...).

All Toulouse INP-ENSIACET courses are available through Continuing education or Accreditation for work experience (VAE or VAP), but most of them are taught in French. The Master of Science courses are the only ones taught in English.

Masters of Science in continuing education

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET has 3 Master of Science open to students in continuing education:

  • Fluids Engineering for Industrial Processes,
  • Green Chemistry and Processes for Renewable Feedstocks,
  • Industrial & Safety Engineering.

Short training courses

Regular training courses

Each year, Toulouse INP-ENSIACET organizes short training courses within the school's fields of expertise.

Fields of expertise:

  • Analysis methods (spectroscopy, chromatography...)
  • Materials chemistry: physical chemistry of materials, surface treatment and analysis, corrosion
  • Emerging technologies in agro-industrial chemistry for agroresources development (agromaterials, bioproducts...)
  • Fine chemicals: catalysis (homogeneous, heterogeneous, phase transfer, asymmetric), retrosynthesis, total synthesis
  • New energy technologies
  • Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering
  • Industrial systems Engineering (Engineering and project management, entrepreneurship, and innovative projects)
  • Project management
  • Industrial processes quality, security and environment

Piecemeal training

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET's "piecemeal training" or "à la carte" courses match a specific demand from a company. They are designed in collaboration with the company. This company sets the specifications of the course in terms of objectives, duration, target, location and date.

Generally speaking, those piecemeal training courses are the best option in terms of fulfilling the training needs of a specific group of employees. They help uniting all the employees in order to work towards a common project.

The Engineering majors

ENSIACET has five departments.


Admission is accessible by competitive examination or based on application file.

  The 5 Toulouse INP-ENSIACET engineering majors (curriculums taught in French) :






Engineering in chemistry

Materials Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemical/Process Engineering

Industrial Engineering

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