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Principles, values, and the vision of tomorrow’s engineer

Last modification on: 29/06/2017 - 11:16

INP-ENSIACET develops the indispensable knowledge and know-how of tomorrow’s engineer and doctor, thanks to a scientific approach inspired by human values and our society’s evolution.

The vision of tomorrow'S engineeR

A global outlook is necessary to take into account highly complex issues. Climate change, the energy crisis, limited access to clean water and health care, increasingly scarce raw materials, the demographic explosion, the increase in food prices, the lowering of biodiversity, the increase in waste matter, are all consequences of human activity which have to be dealt with.

Aware that such a behavioral revolution can only be made possible by a change of how we understand our surroundings, the INP-ENSIACET works at the roots: the school makes sure to produce bright and enlightened minds so as to positively affect the actions of tomorrow’s deciding brains.

Aiming to train engineers who are to be above all responsible citizens, the INP-ENSIACET offers its students the following content:

INP - ENSIACET is therefore an answer for future generations who are more aware of the becoming of our ecosystem.

A systemic approach of the logistics chain

The ENSIACET course offer is primarily defined by its curriculum based on the discovery of the entire logistics chain, from a molecular level all the way to the finished product, process or industrial system, including its introduction into the market.

This systemic approach enables the students to be fully aware of their impact on our environment and on our society.



Values of ENSIACET

  • professionalism
  • innovation
  • sense of responsibility
  • creativity
  • ethics
  • solidarity


The ENSIACET’s goal is to be recognized, both nationally and internationally, as an excellence centre for education and research that will take on industrial and scientific challenges.

  • Develop a culture for innovation in education and research.
  • Adapt courses to answer today’s industrials and societal needs
  • Improve visibility and international renown
  • Position the school in the regional and national context
  • Own and maintain an infrastructure that matches its goals