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Research at INP-ENSIACET

An innovating engineering school..

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With expertise in both fundamental research and the innovating industrial processes, the laboratories and technological transfer centres found at the INP-ENSIACET anticipate societal needs...

A school-research synergy

The INP-ENSIACET not only takes on an educating role but also takes on an important role in research.

The four labs found at the school work towards:

  • renewing scientific and technological skills,
  • a proactive policy when it comes to research partnerships with the social economic world.

The INP-ENSIACET : a school backed up by integrated research (from fundamental fields to the production line) in 4 recognized laboratories...

Partnerships for innovation

Benefiting from the recognition of both the CNRS and the INRA and from the support of many companies, research is both:

  • fundamental, attached to the progression of knowledge,
  • keenly aware of industrial applications, and of the transfer and promotion of new technologies.

Cooperation in the economic world focuses on the fields of nano-scale and new materials, product engineering, green chemistry, sustainable development and energy.

Industrial partners provide research topics, and are the very first to try out innovations and new laboratory processes. Product and innovative process design and manufacturing will often reward them with prestigious awards.

an international dimension to this research

8,3 million euros-worth of research contracts shows how much companies value the ENSIACET approach.
The public structures recognized for the excellence of their scientific works, the three Mixed Research Units of the CNRS and the partnership unit with the INRA gather altogether around 300 researchers and 160 PhD students.

Research's strong points

  • Scientific Brilliance
  • Many industrial partnerships
  • A highly coherent synergy with the teaching : from molecular studies to industrial process
  • A school backed up by an integrated research plan (fundamental to production research) in established laboratories
  • Many possible paths towards R&D are available to ENSIACET students thanks to Research Masters and PhDs