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Research Partnerships

Last modification on: 24/06/2014 - 11:41

As they carry on fulfilling their mission to improve, help spread and reward research results, the laboratories and associated CRITT at the ENSIACET lead both independant work, and collaborations with the industrial sector. Ths research combines both scientific quality and innovation to the benefit of society and the industrial world.

Researchers determine the environment of these collaborations in a professional manner for the scientific aspects, and a dedicated INPT service INPact, for the financial and legal aspects, as it often comes down to industrial property.

INP Toulouse: the 5th more active university in terms of research in France

Among the 100 and more schools judged for the 2013 ranking of Industrie et Technologies, INP Toulouse ranks 5th and demonstrates the dynamism of its laboratories. The latest assessment of AERES (the independent...

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