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International relations

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The ENSIACET engineering students have an obligation of mobility (minimum 3 months)...

A cosmopolitan school

The school also welcomes every year many foreign students who participate in the internationalization of the campus.

  • 23% of foreign students, from all education programmes:
    • Graduate programme: 16%
    • Masters: 30%
    • DHET: 50%
  • PhD students: 50%

Main geographical origins: Europe, Latin America and China.

Quand un élève réussit le pari de "maîtriser plusieurs langues"

Quand un élève réussit le pari de "maîtriser plusieurs langues"

Carlos Vaca-Garcia, responsable des Relations Internationales de l'INP-ENSIACET vous présente la stratégie de l'INP-ENSIACET en matière d'ouverture à l'international...

Further information

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