According to the law n°2005-102 of February 2005 for equal rights and equal opportunities, Participation and Citizenship of Disabled Persons, accessibility to public services for disabled people is a necessity. Article 47 specifies that public online communication services by Government departments, regional councils and public establishments which depend on them must be accessible to people with disabilities.

The ENSIACET website was therefore designed so as to respect the good accessibility practice defined by the French State in the Référentiel général d’accessibilité pour les administrations (RGAA) and the Charte Internet de l’Etat.

Available functionalities

Page Structure

The structure consistent from one page to the other, so as to lead the user's understanding of the website, and therefore the understanding of its content.
The website's ergonomics are thorough, and allow for simple browsing via the XXL menus located at the top of every  page. These XXL menus show the website's and its sections' structure.
Search engines and a website map are available to ease access to content.
The ENSIACET logo on every page allows the user to easily access the ENSIACET website's homepage.
At the bottom of the page, a bottom-page menu allows access to extra pages such as Contact,  the Terms of Service, the site map, ...

On every page except the homepage, there is a common thread above the main content. This thread :

  • allows you to located the website's structure,
  • also allows you, from the homepage, to browse or move up the website's structure thanks to links,
  •  displays the subsections of the current page thanks to a  frop-down list.

Mouseless Browsing

It's possible to navigate the website without a mouse, via a touch screen or a keyboard.

How?  Hit the Tab button on the keyboard and repeat until you reach the link you want, then hit the Enter button.

Increasing and/or decreasing text size

For an easier read, it's possible to increase or decrease the text size.
To do this (works with every browser) : Ctrl + mouse wheel
Ctrl + 0 changes the text size to its original format.

You may also change some settings in your browser :

  • Internet Explorer : go to Page > Zoom to select the adapted zoom level.
  • Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape : hit Ctrl + to increase size and Ctrl - decrease size.
  • Opera : use the + or - buttons on the numerical pad. Or got to Display > Zoom eand choose the adapted zoom level.
  • on Macintosh : Apple + to increase, Apple - to decrease.

Printable version

All the pages have a printer-friendly version available : all the content considered useless for a paper version are removed (especially the navigation menus and links, and purely graphical content). To obtain a printed verison of the page, click on the button at the top right hand corner of the content, or use the browser's "print" function.


External websites automatically open in the same window.

To open an internal link within the same window (or in a new tab) : 

  • With the mouse  : click on the link with the mouse wheel,
  • With the keyboard : Ctrl + left click the link or right click the link and choose the "Open in a new window" option

Form Clarity

Forms have been designed to be as clear as possible. When it's necessary, messages have been added to help fill in the required nformation. Error messages were also added for an easier understanding of the forms.

Help for reading attached documents

The ENSIACET website has documents available for download. Each of these documents comes with an icon that is specific to the file's format.

  • To visualize PDF files, you must have the Adobe Reader program, free for download via this link
  • To visualize .DOC files, if you don't have the adapted program, you can download one at Microsoft.
  • To visualize WinZip documents, if you don't have the adapted tool to decompress zipped files, you may dowload it atWinZip.

Video accessibility

For certain videos, the user has access to a textual transcript , and can activate subtitles.Special efforts will be carried out to offer videos with accessible content.


Picture size has been optimised to reduce the loading time of the webpages to a minimum. People using a vocal browser can access all of the website's tables

Text equivalents for pictures and images have also been added when necesssary.

Removing layout items (colors, styles, text size...)

with Internet Explorer

Go to the "Tools" tab at the top of your brower, then "Internet Options". Select the "General" tab in the text box and click the "Accessibility" button. Tick the first two boxes ("Ignore colors" and "ignore fonts...") and press O K;

with Mozilla Firefox

Go to the "Display" tab at the top of your browser, then select "Page style" and choose "No style".

More information

If you encounter any issues while browsing or accessing certain content contact the "service Communication" and detail the problems as much a possible.

Contact Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

L'école de la transformation de la matière et de l'énergie

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31030 TOULOUSE Cedex 4, France

+33 (0)5 34 32 33 00