About ENSIACET engineers


Transforming matter and energy has always been an essential human activity.

People always need food, shelter, medical care and transportation.

To preserve the resources of our planet and to implement what has been imagined in our research centers, it is essential to take up these challenges in a global and multidisciplinary way.

At ENSIACET, engineers and researchers are involved in the complex processes that lead from the first idea to the finished product.


Physicists, mathematicians, chemists, complex systems specialists and production specialists collaborate:


To imagine the products, materials and energy of tomorrow:

  • getting to the core of matter, understanding its laws,
  • using molecular simulation tools and experimental techniques to assemble and organize atoms and molecules.


To understand and model physical phenomena of the transformation of matter and energy:

  • interconnecting technology to invent clean and safe production sites.


And tosimulate, organize and supervise all the development stages on every scale with the appropriate digital tools:

  • designing the factories of the future that respect the environment.


Our engineers are trained in the different stages.

They have a GLOBAL vision of the whole system and become SPECIALISTS of their field in the last year of their education. Five advanced courses are proposed:

Innovative materials, Green chemistry & Bioprocesses, Energy & Process Intensification, Industrial Systems Engineering, and Risk Management.


Working together, supporting innovation, managing complex projects and ensuring both, quality and safety, are at the core of ENSIACET’s educational programs.

Our engineering students have access to the most innovative technology and are in constant contact with research and companies in an international context.

The ENSIACET engineer is socially responsible: she or he proposes and implements real solutions to the profound transformations of our society for a rational and sustainable use of resources and energy.


The ENSIACET Engineer: transforming real life       


Toulouse INP-ENSIACET: the Toulouse Graduate School of Chemical, Materials, and Industrial Engineering



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