Principles, values and the vision for tomorrow’s engineers

The vision of tomorrow’s engineers

Tomorrow’s ENSIACET engineers will need to be at the cutting-edge of innovation in the fields of chemical, materials, and industrial engineering.

They are also expected to be the driving force behind changes on production sites, by designing and making use of clean, economic, safe and flexible processes

They are obligated to be at the heart of the industry of the future, setting up circular supply chain solutions on the field.  

Moreover, they must show themselves capable of positioning and managing innovative and industrial development projects, integrating technological and economic factors adapted to how the market evolves

Lastly, ENSIACET engineers are required to know how to be able develop professionally in interdisciplinary and international projects.

In fact, Toulouse INP-ENSIACET students have a tradition of investing in social responsibility and exhibiting implication through their professional career paths. The graduate school is in charge of accompanying them at every step towards those vital vocationally-oriented skills and during their quest to find the balance as responsible engineer citizens. 

To cater for these issues, new teaching methods and collaborative spaces are provided and complement our traditional pedagogical approaches. The course offer at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET must maintain and reinforce its established openness to social, cultural and scientific diversity- a source of mutual enrichment- throughout its learning methods placing emphasis on developing more work-study programs and lifelong training. 

Strategic lines for ambitious development

Within this context, and in accordance with the projects in Toulouse INP in the COMUE Université de Toulouse and in particular the Collegium Toulouse Tech, linked with the regional strategy of higher education (StraNES), the Région’s research and innovation (SRESRI), strategic guidelines have been established. These are validated on a regular basis by the steering board and the advisory board for the school to aim to “reinforce our excellence in terms of training and research to rise to scientific, industrial and societal challenges on a national and international level”. 

With this fervent ambition in mind along with its mindfulness towards satisfaction and commitment of its personnel, Toulouse INP-ENSIACET has fixed itself 5 major strategic lines for 2016-2021 to encourage action and projects for which resources will be allocated according to a working method for project work.

To offer high-quality training for engineer-citizens adapted to societal and industrial needs.

  • To develop partnerships and networks.
  • To reinforce joint organization and sharin.
  • To maintain means and resources upholding our ambition.
  • To pay attention to keep up our image and visibilit.

The aim is to train polyvalent and agile engineers, with high technological potential in the fields of Chemical and Technological Arts, capable of bringing about innovation, with a critical mind, capable of mastering complex systems and who are ready and willing to rise to scientific, technical and societal challenges in a highly competitive international context.


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