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Chemical engineering

Chemical engineers: develop clean, safe and sustainable products,methods, processes and systems!


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The Toulouse INP-ENSIACET “Chemical Engineering” major aims to train and certify engineers whose skills span from the fundamentals of chemical reactions, design and management of the related process to  shaping and packaging. The engineering curriculum of this major has a double target. Firstly, its objective is to give theoretical knowledge as well as working methods to approach the specificities of a technique. Secondly, it gives the necessary knowledge to be able to broaden engineers' responsibilities.

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  • A balanced curriculum between chemistry and process engineering.
  • Importance given to lab work.
  • A curriculum based on sustainable development.
  • Different professions in varied activity sectors.
  • Strong support by the research lab in Chemical Engineering (Laboratoire de Génie chimique).


  • Master the analytical tools applied to processes.
  • Understand the problems linked to development: from chemical reaction to production.
  • Size the systems used for physical, chemical or biological transformations.
  • Analyze, optimize and control the processes.
  • Take into account the quality, risk management, safety and sustainability factors.

Course subjects

Percentage of subjects




Organic, Inorganic, Theoretical, Polymers, Analytical, Spectroscopy, Life Sciences




Balance, Thermal engineering, Reaction engineering, Separation techniques (distillation, absorption, extraction,...), Process control




English, Physical Education, Conferences




Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Fluid mechanics, Transport phenomena (mass and heat transfer)


Math and computer science


Applied mathematics, Programing, Numerical computation


Engineering professions


Quality Health Safety Environment, Economy, Knowledge of the companies, Communication

Societal impact

Contribution to society

The Chemical Engineering subjects give the knowledge to optimize existing processes and to develop new synthesis pathways, new solvents and processes that are more eco-aware while taking into account the societal expectations.

Examples of contributions to society:

  • CO2 storage solutions
  • water treatment devices
  • reduction of the level of pollutant emissions: the catalytic converter

Examples of internships (in French)



 Sujet de stage



2020AliceAssistante chef de projet pour le pilotage d'un outils de gestion de données hygiène, sécurité, environnement ALTRANBLAGNAC
2020RaphaelProjet d'optimisation du procédé de polymérisation en phase gaz de l'éthylène : optimisation d'une colonne de fluidisation utilisée à l'échelle laboratoire, détermination de la vitesse minimale de fluidisation et de la température de frittage pour une poudre de polyéthylène.INEOS TECHNOLOGIESMARTIGUES
2020ShaotingFonctionnalité des biocharges pour renforcer la polyamide à longue chaîne, en se concentrant sur la nano-fibreARKEMAKYOTO (Japon)
2020FlorianeChargée d'amélioration continue production : suivi en production de produits issus de synthèse organique et participation à l'implantation de nouveaux produitsSANOFIARAMON
2020SoniaIdentification des paramètres clefs pour la réduction de la teneur en COV et leurs émissions par les composants en mousse. Renforcement de l'autonomie des équipes sur la gestion des non-conformités chimiques par la mise à disposition de "bonnes pratiques"DECATHLONVILLENEUVE D'ASCQ

Job prospects for chemical engineers

1st job

Employer company sizes

Sectors of activity

L'industrie pharmaceutique - secteur d application du génie chimique © Dreaming Andy - Fotolia.comGraduates enter companies in the sectors of:

  • chemistry,
  • biotechnologies,
  • pharmacy,
  • energy,
  • environment,
  • oil,
  • and more generally in material transformation industries (glass, cement, paper, textile, paint, cosmetics, food-processing... industries).

Main sectors of activity of ENSIACET Chemical Engineers (including every school year from 2015 to 2020)

Roles and jobs

The engineeer in Chemical Engineering mainly performs activities related to:

  • Engineering,
  • Research & Development, Design Services and technical consulting,
  • Production, Exploitation,
  • Quality, Safety, Environment, intervention project management,
  • Sales engineer.

Main functions of ENSIACET Chemical Engineers (including every school year from 2013 to 2018)

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