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Process engineers: design, model and operate up-to-date processes and plants!

ENSIACET Process Engineers have strong theoretical and practical knowledge in Process Engineering as well as general skills in social sciences, humanities and economics.
They are proficient in numerical and IT skills. Used to team work , they are able to innovate on interdisciplinary projects, invent new processes, design and model future plants, manage their achievement and their operation to make them more profitable, more sustainable, cleaner and safer.


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The Toulouse INP-ENSIACET Process Engineering major combines three core disciplines: Physics, Chemistry and Applied Mathematics/Computing.

This curriculum aims at a systemic approach for Process Engineering disciplines. Thus it promotes modeling and the use of numerical tools to design and manage industrial plants.

ENSIACET Process Engineers are therefore interdisciplinary physicians who have strong skills in the core disciplines of process engineering (heat and mass balance, transport and transfer phenomena, unit operations…) and high proficiency in statistics, digital. They are also skilled at social sciences, humanities and economics.

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    Procédés discontinus pour le traitement des solides © Getty images
    Diversity of courses (drying and distillation, modelling…).
  • Motivated and involved teaching, administrative and technical staff.
  • Numerous professional activities:
    • Production,
    • R&D (Research, Development),
    • Design services and consulting.
  • Stimulating career in various fields:
    • from the petrochemical industry to the food-processing industry,
    • from pharmacy to energy.


  • Create and design up-to-date systems for mass and energy transformation.
  • Analyze, control and optimize processes.
  • Master the tools for modeling and simulation of processes multi-scales (mixing zone, equipment, interconnected unit...).
  • Take into account the quality, risk management, safety, sustanable development and optimal energy management.
  • Fit into and work in interdisciplinary teams.
  • Manage scientific and technical projects.

Course subjects

Percentage of subjects


Math, Physics, Chemistry

Applied mathematics, Mathematical models, Data processing, Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Physical chemistry


Engineering sciences

Fluid mechanics and mass transfer, LCA and eco-design, Industrial chemistry, Chemical engineering for sustainable industry, Experimental methodology, Databases


Engineering professions

Process design and sizing, Technology, Production management, Safety, Economic evaluation, English, Management, Communication


Numerical simulation

Numerical calculation, Programming, Process simulation, Control, Optimisation, Modelling and Simulation


Heat transfer, Thermal engineering, Energy integration


SHS, Professional project, Conferences, Physical education and sport

Societal impact

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Contribution to society

  • Reduce the energy footprint.
  • Product and process lifecycles assessment.
  • Evaluate innovative processes.

Examples of internships (in French)

AnnéePrénom   Sujet de stage 3AEntreprise 




Modélisation d'un système d'enneigement d'une station de ski dans un contexte de changement climatique





Mise en place de processus et de méthodes de gestion de charges prévisionnelles des études, formalisation et finalisation de la mise en place d'outils d'aide à la gestion financière, amélioration du processus management





Traitement des eaux - amélioration des platform monitoring et bilan de fonctionnement





Intégration du bureau d'études méthanisation et participation aux missions du service en ce qui concerne différentes phases d'avancée des projets





Etude de l'extraction par CO² supercritique pour le raffinage d'extraits protéiques à partir de microalgues


Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire, agroalimentaire et de l'alimentation de Nantes-Atlantique


Job prospects for process engineers

1st job

Employer company sizes

Sectors of activity

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Graduates enter companies in the fields of:

  • Chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetics, energy, environment and eco-industries,
  • Design office engineering and technical consulting.

Main sectors of activity of ENSIACET Process Engineers (including every school year from 2015 to 2020)


Process engineers mainly work in industrial activities related to:

  • production and operation
  • research and development, and scientific and technical studies
  • design, consulting or expertise

They perform in:

  • engineering, studies and technical consulting
  • production, operation, control, maintenance, tests, quality or safety units

Main functions of ENSIACET Process Engineers (including every school year from 2015 to 2020)

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