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Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineers: engineers with a global vision of the company!

Industrial Engineers from Toulouse INP-ENSIACET combine the skills of a high-level multidisciplinary engineer with those of a company’s technical functions’ manager. Armed with a solid scientific and technical background, he can successfully coordinate the interfaces between the control of industrial processes and the management of complex and integrated industrial systems. He is prepared and committed to the factory of the future.


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The Toulouse INP-ENSIACET "industrial engineering" major aims to train competent engineers in all the key aspects of industrial organization, giving them the knowledge and skills sought and adapted to all sectors of activity, from traditional manufacturing industries to digital and service companies. Industrial Engineers from Toulouse INP-ENSIACET can perform in any industrial sector, and deal with the physical system of the company (engineering, industrialization, production), with more transversal functions (quality, information systems, logistics) as well as the global industrial process (project management, support for innovation, business creation). A trademark of Toulouse INP-ENSIACET’s industrial engineering curriculum is to mix the industrial engineering discipline with chemical engineering processes and technologies.

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  • Conception des systèmes d’information © kras99 - Fotolia.comAn integrating vision of the function of the engineer in the chain of design / development / exploitation of industrial products.
  • The ability to perform inside a complex and integrated industrial process.
  • The ability to collaborate efficiently with all the actors of an industrial process.
  • The ability to set industrial targets (performance indicators, planning, budget), quantify and monitor industrial performance.
  • The technological skills specific to industrial processes for the transformation of matter and energy.


  • Design, control and management of industrial projects (technology, economic and human resources).
  • Management and optimization of industrial operations and the associated supply chain, internal or external to the company.
  • Quality management and quantification.
  • Design, deployment and maintenance of the companies’ information systems.
  • Analysis and operation of equipment and process units.

GI keywords

Course subjects

Percentage of subjects


Industrial Engineering


Project Management, Production Management, Information Systems, Logistics, Quality, Lean, Digital Factory


Math and computer science


Applied Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Numerical Computing, Optimisation, Modelling and Simulation


Engineering sciences


Separation and reaction processes, Balance, Process synthesis, System dynamics and control


Engineering professions


Business management, Economics, Commercial function, Communication, Health and Safety, Environment




Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Transfer phenomena (thermal and heat diffusions)




English, Physical Education, Conferences

Societal impact


Contribution to society

  • Optimization of energy consumption.
  • Product and process design assistance.
  • Design innovation and economic and social assessment of innovation.
  • Life cycle analysis.
  • Management by value chains.
  • Eco-design.


Examples of Internships (in French)



Sujet de stage 3A


2020DamienOptimisation des flux logistiques sur ligne d'assemblage A380AIRBUSBLAGNAC
2020PierreProduction industrielle et lean managementSUEZISTRES
2020HamzaModélisation et prédiction de l'appétence crédit à l'aide d'algorithmes machine learningRAHMA CONSULTINGCASABLANCA (Maroc)
2020MarieGestion des tâches en logistique physique et planification dans une démarche de lean managementNESTLE FRANCEROMONT
2020AymericCaractérisation expérimentale de l'efficacité énergétique d'un prototype de séchoir flash pour l'amidon et la farine de manioc - évaluation de l'impact des conditions de fonctionnement, de la qualité du produit, des coûts de production et du potentiel de vente sur les marchés locaux et internationauxCENTRO INTERNACIONAL DE AGRICULTURA TROPICALCALI (Colombie)

Job prospects for industrial engineers

1st job

Employer company sizes

Sectors of activity

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With their skills, industrial engineers work in:

  • project management,
  • logistics (including production management),
  • computer science.

They work in the following business fields:

  • consulting,
  • computer science,
  • aeronautics,
  • pharmacy,
  • energy,
  • transport.

Main sectors of activity of ENSIACET Industrial Engineers (including every school year from 2015 to 2020)

Roles and jobs

Industrial engineers mainly work in activities related to:

  • research and development,
  • operation.

They perform in:

  • the field of engineering, studies and technical consultancy,
  • production, operation, control, maintenance, tests, quality or safety units,
  • project management.

Main functions of ENSIACET Industrial Engineers (including every school year from 2015 to 2020)

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