Industrial systems engineering 5th year specialization curriculumGSI-ISI


The engineer in this specialization curriculum has a double expertise and masters project management, an essential tool on the competitive industrial field.
He actively contributes to the development of companies. He has a broad view of the enterprise’s system and can act on the entire industrial process.
He is competent to unite a team on specified issues while insuring the quality, the costs, the deadline and the risk mastery. He will be able to choose between two specialties: Engineering and Mastery of Project or Entrepreneurship and Innovative Project.


There are no prerequisites for this specialization curriculum.


  • Project development and structuring.
  • Mastery of the technical fields involved in the project.
  • Project management (control, mastery of costs, deadlines…).
  • Business strategy and financing: feasibility study of a project, positioning on a competitive market, innovative idea.
  • Entrepreneurship, legal, financial and commercial study.
  • Team management and team spirit.


Two specialties

  • Engineering and Mastery of Project
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovative Project


UE2PROJECT ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENTAnalysis, design and construction of project, Value Analysis, Functional Analysis, Cost estimation and investments, Project planning, Control management, Project management software
UE3SUPPLY CHAINProduction planning, Stock management, Scheduling, Customer relationships, Operational research, Flow simulation, Purchasing and subcontracting, Supply chain
UE4TOOLS FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENTRequirements engineering, Project risk assessment, Contract law, Advance project management software, Information system and Information technology, ERP SAP
UE5ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUSINESS ENGINEERINGAdditive manufacturing, Management control, Business strategies and funding, Market research, Enterprise risk management


Download the syllabus of the minor (in French):


Activity sectors

  • chemical industry
  • coking, refinery, nuclear industries
  • machines and equipment manufacturing
  • transportation equipment manufacturing
  • other manufacturing industries
  • electricity, gas and water production and supply
  • construction
  • transport and communication
  • financial activities
  • supply of business service



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