Durability 5th year specialization curriculumDurability of structural materials: a 5th year specialization curriculum societal challenge

Loic Oger

The main goal of the  5th year specialization curriculum ‘Durability’ is to train engineers to elaborate and select materials taking into account the notion of sustainable development (function, structure, properties) and of life cycle. Due to acquired skills, the ‘Durability’ engineer can design and dimension structures on a sustainable basis and knows how to identify the key-points concerning the maintenance of complex industrMatériaux en sphères creuses acier inox (absorption acoustique)ial systems in order to be able to assess the level of risk and to prevent it. He is an expert in the field of material process, design and maintenance for different industrial sectors, i.e. transport, energy production, materials for health, ceramics and glasses industry. He is a valued collaborator for institutions concerned by research, control and safety of industrial facilities and utilities.


Sound knowledge of Material engineering:

  • production and transformation of the different families of materials,
  • working properties,
  • damaging ways,
  • basic tools to characterise and establish models of the behaviour of materials.

Specialization curriculum accessible to students from IMAT, GC and Chemistry departments from Toulouse INP-ENSIACET. Also accessible to students from other universities with some prerequisites in Material Science.


  • To know the different classes of materials and to identify those largely used in the industry, the industrial processes associated and the material properties.
  • To know the various damage processes.
  • To take into account complex environments (coupling reactivity/microstructure/mechanics).
  • To design and dimension structures on a sustainable basis.
  • To identify the key-points for the maintenance of complex industrial systems (risk analysis).
  • To model and simulate the in service behaviour of material and structures.
  • To propose solutions to improve industrial systems and structures.
  • To take into account the life cycle of an industrial product (from production to recycling).
  • To work in networks and teams.
  • To contribute to project management.


Activity sectors

  • D (Manufacturing industry),
  • DF (Coking, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel),
  • DG (Chemical industry),
  • DJ (Metallurgy and manufacture of metal products),
  • DK (Manufacture of machinery and equipment),
  • DM (Transportation Equipment Manufacturing),
  • DN 36.4 (Manufacture of sport equipment)
  • E (Electricity, gas and water supply),
  • F (Construction),
  • KA 73 (Research and development).
  • Pharmaceutical industry


Ramatou Ly

Ramatou LyI integrated the Material Sciences and Engineering department of ENSIACET as a student in 2009, after completing 2 years in preparatory classes. My first 2 years at ENSIACET, I learned all the fundamentals of my department. I also learned about several classes of materials properties and behavior (Polymers, metallic materials, ceramic, glass). What attracted me the most was the multidisciplinary character of this program (Aeronautic, automobile, biomedical, electronic, energy…) that provides students with lot of freedom in terms of careers paths. My 3rd year at ENSIACET, I choose a major in Sustainability of Materials and Structures, called Durability specialization curriculum, after developing a particular interest for metallic materials. After graduation (2012), I worked in the R&D center of ARKEMA as a material and corrosion engineer. What made me get this position was the broad background in mechanical behavior of material, materials characterizations & testing and corrosion monitoring that the specialization curriculum Durability have provided me.  In February 2014, I joined the French sponsored program VIE as a research engineer for SCHLUMBERGER in their Boston and Houston locations, for one and half year. Following that experience, I had the great opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. degree funded by SCHLUMBERGER, in the Material Sciences and Engineering (MSEN) department of Texas A&M University. I owe all my achievements to my hard work, my determination and the quality of the program of the specialization curriculum Durability at ENSIACET that is in alignment with most Americans universities MSEN programs.

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