Production processes and quality of health products 5th year specialization curriculumPPQPS major

PPQPS major

Combine process engineering, chemistry and pharmacy to become a manager for the health industry.

The goal of PPQPS is to give students the skills required to master the processes used to manufacture and control health products, in compliance with regulatory and quality requirements. Students also gain knowledge of the drug's industrial ways and specific analytical methods applied to the control of health products.


Knowledge in

  • Chemical Engineering
  • and / or chemistry


  • Design processes for the production of health products.
  • Manage production units in compliance with regulatory requirements and quality approach.
  • Implement health product control procedures.


  • Master the unit operations of chemical engineering applied to the production of pharmaceutical products.
  • Realize and validate the quality control procedures of the drug (pharmaceutical raw materials and final drugs) by applying the regulations and the analytical development methodologies.
  • Conduct stability studies.
  • Apply the reference texts in terms of pharmaceutical regulation and quality management of the drug.
  • Conduct a Quality Assurance process.
  • Work in multidisciplinary team process engineering / chemistry / pharmacy.

Teachings (Syllabus)

Be careful: the courses of PPQPS are those of the Master GdB-BioP Parcours PPQPS. The teachings schedule is then the schedule master and the start of the year takes place in early September. It is therefore necessary that the students wishing to follow PPQPS option in 3A finish their 2A internship at the latest at the end of August.


    • Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices.
    • Pharmaceutical engineering (manufacturing, optimization and validation of processes).
    • Production management and production transfer.
    • Galenic development.
    • Quality Control of raw materials (drugs, excipients, packaging) and finished products.
    • Development of methods (new molecules, stability studies...).
    • Quality Assurance in production (GMP, equipment qualification, change control, quality review...).

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