The First Year Common CoreAn overall vision of the matter transformation and energy process

All the engineering students from the 5 majors (engineering in chemistry, materials engineering, chemical engineering, process engineering and industrial engineering) first have a common core semester when they enter the graduate school.
Focused on the engineering professions, the common core provides a base of common knowledge. It gives the ENSIACET engineering students an insight into the process of matter transformation and energy.
The ability to understand different specialties is the characteristic of the ENSIACET engineer. This communicative and interdisciplinary profile is sought after by matter transformation and energy industries.


The targets of this common core are:

  • to establish the bases of the curriculum’s expectations: a broad openness on the professions of matter transformation and energy, the ability to discuss with persons from different specialties… in order to acquire a comprehensive view of the process of matter transformation and energy,
  • to create a school dynamic (instead of just a department dynamic) in the student life as well as in the curriculum,
  • to mix students from different educational backgrounds (“Classes Préparatoires”, DUT,  University, etc.) with different interests and work methods,
  • the establishment of new educational methods: team work, project-based learning, etc.
  • the realisation of the curriculum objective: to acquire knowledge in order to work as an engineer and not only to graduate.

First semester common core subjects

Percentage of subjects


Physicochemical sciences


thermodynamics, kinetics, matter and heat transfers




global process and principles of the main unitary operations


Knowledge of the matter transformation and energy process


Mathematical tools and computer science for the engineer


programming, mathematics, numerical methods


Professional project and humanities


physical education, English, professional project, communication


Syllabus (in French)

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