Production processes and control of health products

Would you like to work in the field of healthcare production (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutritional, veterinary… sectors) ?
Are you a pharmacist or a student in 5th year of pharmacy?
Are you an engineer in chemistry or a chemical engineer or a process engineer?
Do you have a first year of a master's degree in chemistry or in physical chemistry or an equivalent? This course matches your profile and can allow you to fulfil your professional project.
Introduced by pharmacists, engineers and healthcare professionals, this Master's degree meets the current needs of these industries.


The Master's degree gives an initial course or continuing education for future executives of pharmaceutical companies that are specialized in the sectors of healthcare products.

The priority lines of this master are to give a professional course in the sectors of:

  • Production (process engineering, galenics).
  • Control and quality (analytical development, control, regulations) of healthcare products.

This course is characterized by a novel teaching approach that:

  • Adds value to the acquisition of the initial curriculum linked to the pharmaceutical industry,
  • Invites teachers and industrialists of a national and international influence,
  • Takes into account the evolution of industrial techniques and aims at establishing marketing authorisations.

This Master's degree offers a specialization in the fields of development, production, drugs trials, marketing authorisations, registration files, especially through internships in highly qualified structures.


  • Developing and producing drugs.
  • Implementing Quality Assurance and Control procedures.
  • Controlling pharmaceutical raw materials and drugs. 


Who is this course intended for?

This course is intended for:

  • pharmacists, interns in pharmacy
  • students who have successfully completed their 5th year of pharmaceutical school (industrial field)
  • engineers (process engineering, chemistry, INSA...) and students in last year (3A) at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET
  • veterinary surgeons,
  • holders of some Master 1 (Physics, Chemistry, Physic-chemical processes, Process engineering, Analytical chemistry, Formulation, Health engineering...),
  • employees in the pharmaceutical industry who have 4 years of higher education or a professional experience linked to the jobs prepared in the course.


All candidates must have basic knowledge in the fields related to the courses (industrial processes, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical technologies, pharmaceutical, physic-chemical and analytical controls).

How to apply?

In initial education

  • Send your curriculum vitae to evaluate your profile for the program pre-requires at mallorie.tourbin @ et arellano @
  • Then application is made online with e-candidat. Applications must be submitted at the end of April.

In continuing education

Contact directly the Continuing Education office of INP or UPS:


Formation continue et Apprentissage
118 route de Narbonne
31062 Toulouse Cedex 04 
Phone: +33 (0) 
Email: devaux @

  • Sonia PIGUET (INP/FC)

Toulouse INP Formation Continue
6 Allée Emile Monso - BP 34038
Phone: +33 (0)
Email: Sonia.Piguet @



Organization and program

The course includes 5 academic units (UE) from September to January and a work placement starting in February and for a length of at least 5 months.
A major part of the curriculum is taught by professionals of the industry.


Download the syllabus (in French) (PDF, 145ko)

Work placement

The aim of the work placement is to achieve a professional project, both interdisciplinary and industrial. The search of the placement has to be done by the student, helped by the persons in charge. The trainee is under the responsibility of an industrial supervisor and is followed up by a teacher of the master's degree. The personal work developed by the trainee is carried out within industrial structures.

The placement lasts 5 months between February and August.

The personal work is assessed thanks to the placement report, the synthetic presentation and the supervisor's evaluation.


The graduates are prepared to enter the vast field of the health industry, including pharmaceutical, specialty chemistry, veterinary, cosmetics, dietetics, ... industries.
This course is particularly attractive for students wishing to specialise in sectors linked to production and to quality in the Health industry.

Activity sectors

  • Pilot formulation and production of shapes for the pharmacy and cosmetics.
  • research and development in production
  • development of new processes (engineering)
  • control of pharmaceutical raw materials
  • drug trials
  • research and development in analytical control
  • pharmaceutical business and registration files


Academic coordinator

  • Professor Jean BERNADOU,
  • Faculté de Pharmacie

administrative coordinator

  • Martine POUX,
  • Laboratoire de Génie Chimique INP/CNRS/UPS, ENSIACET/INP

Academic coordinator

  • Cécile ARELLANO,
  • Faculté de Pharmacie de Toulouse


Contact Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

L'école de la transformation de la matière et de l'énergie

4, allée Emile Monso - CS 44362
31030 TOULOUSE Cedex 4, France

+33 (0)5 34 32 33 00