7 reasons to choose A7!

An interdisciplinary and specialized engineering degree unique in Europe


Courses at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET embrace the entire industrial process, from the analysis of the molecule to the introduction of the products and the final processes on the market.

The Toulouse INP-ENSIACET engineering diploma combines a general course with specialised skills. The school trains high-level engineers and offers 5 complementary specialities which interest industries of transformation of matter and energy (Chemistry Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemical/Process Engineering, and Industrial Engineering).

Students choose their speciality when applying for the school, after analyzing the content and the prospects of each course.

Every year, around 300 engineers graduate from Toulouse INP-ENSIACET. They meet the technological expectations and are able to face the interdisciplinarity, the societal challenges and the dynamics of the industries and therefore contribute to their influence...

An innovative pedagogical approach

Business game

We offer our engineering students learning processes based on innovative teaching methods.

In order to meet this objective, we benefit from appropriate infrastructure, such as rooms dedicated to active learning, and a numerical learning center which gives access to numerous resources.

We also developed open labs and a fab lab, coworking spaces that offer the resources required for project-based learning.

Our lecturers and researchers pass our students advanced knowledge thanks to their mastery of the last technological and scientific innovations.

Enjoy living on an integrated campus in Toulouse


The city of Toulouse attracts many students, and ranks among the firsts cities in terms of student life, quality of life and infrastructure performance (Toulouse ranks first, ex-aequo with Lyon, of the best student city ranking by L’Étudiant magazine).

The A7 studying environment favours research, mobility and the fulfilment of our engineer students, especially thanks to modern and sophisticated infrastructures.

Inaugurated in 2009, our campus includes high level research facilities (4 laboratories and 2 integrated CRITT).

The numerous sports and social facilities allow the school’s rich association life to thrive.

The school is located at the heart of a technology hub, surrounded by industries and innovation poles (IoT Valley, B612…). This represents a real asset for the construction of our student’s professional life.

Study in the very heart of cutting-edge research

Recherche A7

We teach our engineer students through a platform which gathers 4 high-level scientific research centers, which are internationally recognized and 2 CRITTs (Centers for Innovation and Technology Transfer).  

Our involvement in numerous competitive hubs such as Cancer-Bio-Santé (oncology biotech cluster), aeronautics, Space, Embedded systems, AgriMip Innovation and in the thematic network of Science and Technology advanced research for aeronautics and space stands as proof of our truly dynamic teaching methods.

Our geographical implantation in the heart of such innovative hubs (IoT Valley, B612, future regional Cité des start-up business incubator...) also represents a real asset for our engineer students in their awareness to research.

Strong ties with companies


Our students achieve professional development through a minimum requirement of 28 weeks of internship which enable more than one out of two students to be employed before they have even graduated.  

We are privileged to have strong links with the industrial partners which is encouraged by several events that are organized: conferences, site visits, class sponsorship scheme, mock interviews, recruitment events... 

Our students and graduates have access to a JobTeaser career center to boost exchanges with future employers (bank of résumés, offer alerts, newsletters, webinars...). Having professionals from industry involved in teaching and playing a part in how our establishments are run, enables us to adapt our teaching to the needs of the industry and to change our practices accordingly.

The graduate engineering degree awarded by Toulouse INP-ENSIACET is ranked within the top 35 best graduate enginneering  schools (according to several surveys), and has been granted the maximum accreditation by the CTI (French Engineering Education Commission).

We owe such recognition and constant progress in our establishment to the fact that we belong to academic networks and those involved in the field of chemical, materials and industrial engineering: Groupe INP, CGE, CDEFI, FGL, Chimie France, SFGP.

Benefit from the school’s international mindedness, its cultural mix and learn how to adapt to any environment.

International A7

Such qualities or behavior come to the forefront during study abroad opportunities, which are a mandatory part of our engineering curriculum. They give the students a unique chance to evolve in unfamiliar surroundings for a minimum of three months (work placement in a company or research center; university exchange program).   

Welcoming foreign students and researchers onto our premises brings about such great cultural diversity.  

Valuing soft skills in our teaching to develop interpersonal and relationship skills which encourage integration and satisfaction in a team is often a key factor in the rate of success of our engineers’ first job and step on the career ladder.

Help for professional development

Amphi 300

Putting the student in a professional environment is a key factor in his/her training for a strong professional an personal project.

Students are trained to plan out their own professional project, and to refine their career perspectives, and are backed by a team of mentor teachers throughout their 3 years at the school.

Over one in two students is recruited before he or she even leaves the school...



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