Opening up to others…The international dimension of A7 engineers

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There’s nothing better than admiring new sights, discovering new cultures and sharing enjoyable moments with others. There’s nothing that whisks you away more than tasting new delights, tapping your feet along to foreign melodies and soaking up enchanting smells.
There’s no better learning curve than developing in unknown territory, working with different norms and getting to grips with or mastering a foreign language.
Opening up to the outside world... “the world is your oyster”.

Pr. Carlos Vaca-Garcia - Coordinator

Opening up to the wide international world to be able to communicate and understand multiculturalism

A7 is an internationally-reputed graduate engineering school thanks to its collaboration in training and research with its double degree options and specific agreements. The international dimension of A7 engineers is considered as a real asset for their future steps into the workplace. Besides its varied training program with languages and an international mobility program, it also teaches communication and cross-cultural aspects throughout the course. It is worthwhile adding that the school hosts nearly 20% of foreign students thanks to its many programs.

Engineers able to adapt...

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET considers that experience in a corporate setting is indispensable for every future engineer. Going abroad as part of the course here in Toulouse INP-ENSIACET reaches the goal we have set for gaining skills in flexibility through different forms of mobility.  

A student able to master several languages, and prove experience abroad is sure to be able to adapt to any kind of job throughout their career.

Recruiters are on the lookout for those profiles showing ability to adapt to others… which resemble those of more and more ENSIACET engineers... !

A truly cosmopolitan graduate engineering school

Every year the school welcomes a large number of foreign students who bring about such an international feel to the campus.

More than 20 % of foreign students cover all courses:

  • Engineering curriculum: 15 %
  • Masters: 30 %
  • PhD candidates: 50 %

Mainly coming from: Europe, South America and China.

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET is a cosmopolitan graduate engineering school that welcomes foreign students, and encourages its students to study abroad

20 % of all students are foreign students

  • Graduate engineering curriculum: 15 %
  • Masters: 30 %
  • PhDs: 50 %

Main geographical origins: Europe, Latin America and China.

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