The student unions

The BDE, the BDS, the BDA and the BDF are four clubs that constitute the A7 Students Union. Each one of them takes care of a specific part of the student life: The BDE is in charge of the induction and of overall student life matters, the BDS takes care of sports, the BDA is in charge of cultural activities, and the BDF is the one running the school cafeteria and organising festive events.

The BDE (Bureau des élèves)

The BDE (Bureau Des Élèves) is in charge of student life in Toulouse INP-ENSIACET. The three-week integration period is the first thing new students can enjoy at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET, and it wouldn't exist if it weren't for the BDE.

The BDE's mission does not stop there : they're there to support students throughout the year, especially during exams, and their goal is to make the students time at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET as enjoyable as possible

Those who fear being alone or lost upon arriving at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET have no need to worry, the BDE is here to help them in any way they can.

The BDS (Bureau des Sports)

The BDS (Bureau des Sports) is here to give everyone access to as many different sports as possible, amongst which one can find football, rugby, volleyball, badminton, American football etc... in high quality sporting facilities.

The BDA (Bureau des Arts)

The BDA (Bureau Des Arts) enables A7 students to spend time enjoying good meals whilst listening to entertaining music. It will also organise events, concerts and other activities, as well as cultural activites within the city of Toulouse.

It will also take you to Barcelona for a whole weekend, to make the most out of Gaudi's original architecture, tapas, a rich cultural life, the beach, the sun and of course evenings out !

The BDF (Bureau du Foyer)

The "Bureau du Foyer"(BDF), organises festive events in Toulouse INP-ENSIACET. Not only does it organise parties throughout the integration and the school year, it also takes care of the school cafeteria. Members of this union are present between each class and at lunchtime to serve out coffee, drinks and snacks, but also before classes start to offer breakfast for those who'd rather eat there. The cafeteria is a place where both students and teachers relax, and card games and billiard are a sole part of it.

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