Excellence & innovation

Research at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET, led by qualified research centers and certified by large organisms (CNRS, INRA) and by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, is notable for its strong partnerships with the socio-economic field, competitive clusters and thematic regional networks.

Strengths of Research at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

Research done in the labs of Toulouse INP-ENSIACET can be defined by:

  • the acknowledgment by large organizations (CNRS, INRA) of its scientific excellence and by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation for its many skills going from the molecular scale to industrial processes:
    •  in the field of nanomaterials, thin layers and coating, metallic materials and alloys, biomaterials and materials for health research,
    • in agroresources chemistry, lipochemistry and agromolecules, and in analytical chemistry,
    • in catalysis for the development of active and selective catalysts used in fine chemicals,
    • in the field of process engineering, combining skills in hydrodynamics, physicochemistry of interfaces and divided media, polyphasic reactors, separation processes and bioprocesses, reactor technology, multi-scale modeling and computer simulation, industrial systems engineering...
  • the diversity of its application areas : chemistry, materials science, environment, energy, pharmaceutical sectors, agri-food industry, fine chemicals, green chemistry...
  • very strong interactions with the socio-economic world, large industrial groups, national and international SMB (small and medium-sized businesses),
  • its integration in competitive clusters (Aerospace Valley, Cancer-Bio-Santé, Agrimip Innovation) and regional thematic networks (RTRA "Sciences et Technologies pour l’Aéronautique et l’Espace"),
  • its sharing and exchanging of skills wih other laboratories that are part of Carnot institutes (CIRIMAT, 3BCAR...), the Research Federation (FERMAT), expertise centres (Toulouse Agri Campus) or in parnerships with technological platforms,
  • a dynamic that is mirrored by other establishments in Toulouse.

Key-Figures of Research

  • 450 people working in the research area of Toulouse INP-ENSIACET,
  • 150 PhD students signed up at Toulouse INP are training through research,
  • 40 theses are defended every year,
  • 8 million euros worth of research contracts (Toulouse INP),
  • 20 patents filed per year in the laboratories,
  • 200 publications for international peer-review journals / year,
  • a partnership with an advanced research thematic network on "Sciences and Technologies for Aeronautics and Space",
  • involvement in 4 competitive clusters:

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