Regional Center for Innovation and Transfer of TechnologiesCRITT

Technological platforms

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET hosts two technological resource centers (CRT label from the MESRI) in addition to its research labs.

These CRT are part of a network of platforms whose role is to deliver advice and provide services for companies so as to support innovation and to enable the spread of new technologies.

  • CRITT CATAR - Agroressources: this CRT is specialized in forest and agriculture products and co-products valorization. The CATAR experts develop technological and scientific studies for your projects.
  • CRITT Génie des Procédés Technologies Environnementales: this CRT specializes in chemical/process engineering and environmental technologies R&D. The GPTE CRITT has been working together with local and national companies in the fields of industrialization and production processes for over 15 years.

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