Training-Research synergy

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET maintains a strong synergy between research and training. This connection is visible in multiple ways:

  • students have internship opportunities with the four research centers,
  • engineering students and master-level students take on projects directly linked to problematics dealt by these research centers,
  • shared spaces such as openlabs are provided in order to promote exchanges between students, staff, and teacher-researchers.

This training-research association is also strengthened by faculty staff, researchers and technical staff who all play a role in this training aspect.

Research strengths at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

  • Scientific brilliance
  • Many industrial partnerships
  • A highly coherent synergy with teaching: from molecular studies to industrial process
  • A school backed up by an integrated research plan (from fundamental to production research) in established laboratories
  • Many possible paths towards R&D are available to Toulouse INP-ENSIACET students thanks to Masters and PhDs

Contact Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

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