Examples of internships (in French)

First nameCompanyPlaceInternship subjects


 Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants Ltd


 Innovation for oil and gas exploiting.

MaxenceCEA CESTA33Strategy towards flow modelling for nuclear boiler system.
CyrilTECHNICATOME13CFD computing scheme for nuclear fuel assembly study with STARCCM+ software.
MikelPIERRE FABRE MEDICAMENT PRODUCTION - Site de PAU64Logistical flux within a producing plant : improvement proposals.
OlivierINOVERTIS A3I INNOVATION26Technical, economical and environmental assessment for CO2 re-use process.
SophieORANO78Process computing and modelling: optimization of calcining process model.
ThanushaIFP ENERGIES NOUVELLES69Development of process simulation: key parameters identification, optimization and assessment.
RizkyantoMICHELIN33Process safety: update of safety-based process computing.
AnnaAIR LIQUIDE78Strategy analysis for thermal efficiency as applied to syngas separation process.
YasserTOTAL92Life cycle analysis applied to carbon capture and storage.
YujingSolvay, R&I Center Shanghai_Process study for "Reaction - Membrane vaporization" hybrid process.
BadreddineTOTAL RAFFINAGE FRANCE76Development of automated tools for engineering support in the field of oil refining.

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