The 5th year specialization domains at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

The professionalising 5th year specialization domains allow Toulouse INP-ENSIACET students to give a final touch to their curriculum. These courses are suited to the industrials’ demand and they foster research, innovation and creativity. They guarantee the excellence of the diploma and the students’ skills to take up the great technological challenges of tomorrow as well as to become responsible citizens…

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET offers an engineering curriculum based on an interdisciplinary approach of the supply chain of matter transformation.


Beyond this systemic approach which is the foundation of its courses, the school offers its students to personalize their curriculum through 15 specialization curriculums and about fifty interdisciplinary end-of-year projects during the third year. This last year enables them to deal with some aspects of chemical and technological arts in depth, through different subjects, methods and skills. But most importantly, this third year offers a large autonomy to students in order to develop their professional project, make them aware of their future profession’s responsibilities and ease their career opportunities.


Indeed, the wide range of courses covers many activity sectors such as chemistry, energy, transport, computer science, environment, manufacturing industry… It also opens doors to numerous professions such as process engineer, research and development engineer, production engineer, methods engineer, sales engineer, product design engineer, design engineer,…

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