Projects offers for our engineering students

In Toulouse INP-ENSIACET, the courses are designed to be consistent with the industrial world's needs, and companies can sumbit us projects.

5th year projects

The " 5th year " projects are projects accomplished by 5th year engineering students around an industrial or academic problematic. They make the students actors of their own learning and encourage them to develop analytical and problem-solving skills. They are formed by a minimum of 4 students from different specialization curriculums (Innovative Materials Engineering, Sustainable Chemistry and bioprocesses, Energy and intensified processes, Industrial Systems Engineering, Risk management methods and analysis and transversal specialization curriculums).

These projects are overseen by tutors and last 7 consecutive weeks. Two assignments, written and oral, are expected in this project. 

Some examples of projects

  • Optimization of thermal treatment to improve resistance to corrosion in stainless steel.
  • Synthesis of new bio-sourced surface-active catalysts. 
  • Analysis and patterning a wood valorization sector in the Cévennes.
  • Development of a new agri-food product.

"Fil rouge" projects

Our "Fil rouge" projects are projects carried out by engineering students from the school over a minimum of three semesters.

The main points of these projects cover: interdisciplinary work, autonomy and teamwork. They enable students from different departments to work together in a group overseen by several tutors.

These engineering students get the opportunity to work on an academic subject or an industrial problematic.

Some examples of projects

  • Environmental study and logistics improvement of a bio-sourced industrial sector.
  • Balloons to probe the atmosphere.
  • Nanosystems for the controlled delivery of molecules.
  • Scientific mediation on catalysis.



Posted on April 17, 2019

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