Seven good reasons to recruit an A7 engineer

Seven good reasons to recruit an A7 engineer

An engineering degree acknowledged by the corporate and institutional world

  • Maximum accreditation awarded by the CTI (French Engineering Education Commission).
  • In the top 35 of the best engineering schools (according to various surveys).
  • Over 90 % of graduates are employed within 4 months of obtaining their qualification.
  • Over 65 % of the graduates find work in the following sectors: Energy, transport, consultancy and engineering, chemical or parachemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, rubber and plastic transformation.
  • It is recognized in academic networks and the field of Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Industrial Engineering: INP group, CGE, CDEFI, FGL, Chimie France, SFG.

A specialist engineer with a global vision over the chain between Chemical, Materials and Industrial Engineering

  • A specialty running over the department and the 5th year specialization curriculum.
  • A common core, transversal projects, interdisciplinary team work to be able to interact throughout the industrial process and take on societal challenges.

An engineer trained using modern teaching methods

  • 2 active learning/teaching rooms.
  • 1 digital learning center enabling access to course content, the library and forums. 
  • Open labs and coworking areas giving access to projects using technological resources.
  • A department dedicated to “dynamic teaching”.
  • Ongoing collaboration between researchers and industrial partners to improve practices.
  • Research faculty staff who master the latest technological and scientific innovations in their field.

An engineer involved in the heart of cutting-edge research

  • 4 high-level scientific research centers acknowledged on an international level and 2 CRITT present on the ENSIACET platform.
  • Implication in the following competitiveness clusters: Cancer-Bio-Santé (biohealth), Aeronautics, Space, Embedded Systems, AgriMip Innovation and in the themed network of advanced research in Science and Technology for Aeronautics and Space.

An internationally-minded engineer, flexible and culturally aware

  • A mandatory work place for a minimum of three months during the degree course (in a corporate setting, research lab or teaching establishment).
  • We host foreign students and researchers on campus thus promoting a cultural mix.
  • The importance of soft skills in the syllabus and regular practice with project management.

An engineer benefitting from personalized help throughout their course

  • A tutor is assigned to every engineering student.
  • Help is given to prepare a career development plan (Passeport Projet Professionnel) and choose the curriculum specialization according to the domain in the fifth year.

An engineer benefitting from close ties between academia and industry

  • Minimum 28 weeks of professional work placements.
  • Over 50 % of the students have secured a job before graduating.
  • Familiarity with industry (conferences, site visits, class sponsorship schemes, mock interviews, recruitment events…).
  • A JobTeaser career center to boost exchange with future employers.
  • Implication from professional partners from industry who take an active role in teaching and governance.

An engineer who thrives in their integrated and attractive Toulouse campus 

  • Toulouse is the 2nd biggest student city in France (outside of Paris) and the 2nd best city to study in (according to various surveys). 
  • A modern campus inaugurated 10 years ago in Toulouse/Labège: a location promoting research, mobility and satisfaction for our engineering Students.
  • A platform bringing together several state-of-the-art facilities in the field of research (4 research centers and 2 supporting CRITT).      
  • Modern sports facilities encouraging all to participate in sports activities.
  • A campus conveniently located in the heart of a technological hub close to industrial partners.


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