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AIA7's goal is to gather Alumni to help them adapt to the deep and subtle changes that affect the industries of matter and energy transformation...

AIA7 is Toulouse INP-ENSIACET's Engineers Association. It was created in 2001 by merging the Engineers association of ENSCT and ENSIGC (when those two schools merged in order to create Toulouse INP-ENSIACET). Today, AIA7 is a community that gathers over 6 000 active engineers.


Being a network of engineers working in multiple fields of activity all around the world, the AIA7's essential goal is to group up graduated students, and provide them with a service that will fulfill both their needs and the markets needs.

The many fields of activity of the AIA7 allow it to work towards 4 fundamental objectives that enable it to help both students and graduates :

  • provide an efficient and high level network,
  • help students and boost their professional progress,
  • discuss with figures of the economic, social or political world,
  • help out the school, promote it and the diplomas it delivers.

When it comes to exchange, help, solidarity and innovation, AIA7 has established strong transgenerational links.

Companies or research centers online submission for offers (work placements, jobs, apprenticeship schemes, professional training contracts, vie, PhD...)


Offers for Toulouse INP-ENSIACET students (work placements, jobs, apprenticeships, professional training contracts, VIE, PhD) are published via the JobTeaser platform.

The JobTeaser platform enables your company to prove its worth as an employer by exhibiting its activities, job profiles and current news and give the opportunity to publish its offers for our engineering students and graduates. Thanks to this tool, they will be able to refine their search according to their profile and professional objectives.

Your company is already a partner with JobTeaser

Offers and events (job dating, competitions/games, visits...) you may post can be consulted and chosen by our engineering students and postgraduates.

Your company is not yet a partner with JobTeaser

If your company is not currently a partner with JobTeaser or if you wish to have candidates specifically from Toulouse INP-ENSIACET:

  • You can publish your offers directly on the JobTeaser platform.
    When you first connect, create your company profile then submit your offer.
  • For any questions regarding offers for work placements, apprenticeships, professional training contracts and VIE: please contact the school’s Communications & Industrial Partnership department at relations.industrielles @ (relations.industrielles @ 
  • For any questions regarding submission of job offers and for theses : please contact l'Association des ingénieurs de l'ENSIACET (AIA7 ENSIACET engineers’ association) at aia7 @ (aia7 @

If you are a member of the Toulouse INP-ENSIACET alumni:

You may submit your offer on the JobTeaser platform by going directly to the AIA7 page

and mentioning your alumni status. Offers posted by graduates may be consulted separately by engineering students.

Please sign up using the same email address as your AIA7 account.

Consult the engineer placements calendar.

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