Final projects fair

Final projects fair

Each year, Toulouse INP-ENSIACET organises its students' placements' presentation in the shape of a forum. Over one week, this forum gathers the students, their placement supervisors and their teachers.

The Final projects fair lasts 6 days, and allows students to present the theme they worked on during the six-month internship they realize during their 3rd year.

Networking objectives

The Final projects fair is a way to gather all the players that contributed to the fulfilment of the student's projects: placement supervisors, engineering students, and members of the teaching staff.


To gathering all those players also is a way for Toulouse INP-ENSIACET to take into account the needs and the evolutions of the companies in the fields of matter and energy transformation. This fair is an opportunity for the companies to get a accurate idea of the skills of an ENSIACET engineer, for research faculty members and the engineering students of the school to establish lasting ties with future employers.

An organization by themes

Each day revolves around one of the third year divisions:

  • Innovative materials division,
  • Sustainable chemistry and bioprocesses division,
  • Energy and process intensification division,
  • Industrial systems division,
  • Methods and analyses for risk management division.


Every day gathers a great number of major actors of the field. The placement supervisors and the 3rd year engineering students therefore have the opportunity to attend to all the presentations insofar as they are not confidential.

Poster exhibition

All the engineering students make a poster showing the results of their placement. They introduce all the placements accomplished by the third year students as well as the courses, laboratories and associations of the school.
It is an opportunity for the engineering students to show their work to their future employers and to exchange with them. It also enables our industrial partners to have a broad vision of the skills learnt at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET and the current industrial issues.


Moreover, all the posters are assembled into a book designed by the school and the school year's sponsor. It shows the depth of the links forged with the school year's sponsor. All the companies that attend to the Final project fair receive a copy of this book.

School visits

The placement supervisors have the possibility to visit the school and the different laboratories and have the opportunity to meet research faculty members and technicians committed in their field, discovering the laboratories' equipments.

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