Research fair

Research fair

The Research fair aims to highlight the many connections between research and education in Toulouse INP-ENSIACET, and to give first-year students information about the research activities in the school.

Strong links between education and research 

  • To facilitate the interpenetration between education and research: appropriation of the school building by the students, better knowledge of the activities of the research faculty members who teach them and therefore better understanding.
  • To introduce the research professions to students.
  • To introduce the research activities of the laboratories to the students in order to increase the influence of the laboratories to the future engineers in the industry. 

A day of discovery and vocation

Groups of 5 to 6 first-year students work from October to January on the understanding of the research environment at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET. This work is done in the framework of the Common Core project and leads to a presentation to the whole class during a day which includes:

  • the introduction of the 4 laboratories of the school (CIRIMAT, LCA, LCC, LGC) et les 2 CRITT associées (GPTE et CATAR) :
    • structure, functioning, research thematics, positioning by the first year groups,
    • presentation of a flagship research by a PhD candidate of each of the laboratories,
  • a poster exhibition where PhD candidates of the laboratories present their research themes and exchange with the students,
  • a detailed visit of the laboratories organised by the first-year students in charge of the project.


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