One semester or a year as an exchange studentYou are a foreign student from a partner university...

If you are a from a partner university of Toulouse INP-ENSIACET, you can come and study here for a semester or a year. In this case, you won't have to pay the tuition fees of Toulouse INP-ENSIACET. The credits you will earn while studying here will be held into account by your current university.

With this exchange program, you cannot obtain the ENSIACET degree.

  • 1.Your university sends a nomination letter/email to internationaloffice @ (internationaloffice @ (deadline: 30th April and 30th October);
  • 2.We send to the applicant a pre-registration form;
  • 3.The applicant returns it with a copy of her/his transcript of records, Passport (or ID), and a face photo;
  • 4.We send to the applicant and to the university a proposal of the learning agreement to sign;
  • 5.The applicant returns the signed learning agreement (with the list of courses that would be validated at her/his university);
  • 6.We send an acceptance letter to the applicant and to the university;
  • 7.We send to the applicant information about accommodation and other practical issues.

Courses taught in English

The majority of the courses are taught in French, but some of the specialization curriculums are taught in English.
When selecting the course you're applying for, you need to pay a special attention to this.

Hereafter is a list of the programs that are taught in English at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET in semester 9:

Syllabus and credits

You can obtain 30 European credits (ECTS) per semester and 60 per year. When you choose your courses, we recommend you:

  • To select all the courses in the same major and the same year of education programme;
  • If you only want to follow some on the courses, you must choose complete Course units (UE for "Unités d'Enseignement" in French);
  • if you try to mix the UE of different majors or different years, you will not be able to get all your credits because of schedule incompatibilities.

Lessons are organized by major, by year (first, second and third year) and by semester (first and second).

International Relations Contacts

Head Officer of International Affairs

  • Phone: +33 (0) 5 34 32 36 89
  • internationaloffice @

Assistant to the Head Officer

  • Ms. Sylvie BALLADORE
  • Phone: +33 (0) 5 34 32 33 48
  • internationaloffice @

Contact Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

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