Becoming an ENSIACET engineer

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The ultimate aim of the Toulouse INP-ENSIACET engineering course is to train and supply the job market with general engineers with a high technological potential in the fields of Chemical and Technological Arts. These graduates are able to innovate, to master complex systems, to take up scientific and technological challenges in a competitive international context, to answer crucial problems and to meet the expectations and demands of a global society.

More than ten years after the merger of ENSIGC and ENSCT, Toulouse INP-ENSIACET ranks among the 35 best French graduate engineering schools.

Today, it is a unique centre of education in Europe for its broad engineering course offer in the fields of chemistry, materials and related services

The engineering curriculum trains engineers to have a global vision of the different fields of expertise. It enables them to have the skills necessary to assess and lead innovation and to incorporate sustainable development.

Just like the companies that hire Toulouse INP-ENSIACET engineers, the graduate school continuously adapts its courses and develops innovative teaching methods.


Every year, more than 300 engineers graduate from Toulouse INP-ENSIACET. They meet  technological expectations and are able to face the interdisciplinarity, the societal challenges and the dynamics of the industries and therefore contribute to their influence.

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