Organise your stay in Toulouse

Before moving in Toulouse, you need to follow a few steps: get a visa, an accomodation, learn about the city... In the following pages, you will learn everything about the administrative procedures, the relevant information for a study period  and a successful discovery of Toulouse ...

Visa and resident permitThey are essential if you plan to study in France

Visa requirement or not

  • EU citizens do not need a visa.
  • Citizens of some countries, such as Mexico, do not need a visa for a stay of less than 3 months. For longer stays, a visa is required.
  • Citizens of some countries need a visa regardless of the duration of their stay.

 The official French visa website is
You can also get useful information on the Campus France website.

Bank account

Almost everyone who is over 18 years old has a bank account in France. It is necessary and almost essential for some transactions and common operations.

In France, the registration, insurance and rent payments are made by cheque (sometimes credit card), but not in cash.

Therefore, opening a bank account in France is strongly recommended. Citizens from the Euro-zone may not require to open a new account.

Health and accident insurance information

All exchange students must be covered by Health Insurance. European students must have the European Health Insurance card.

Since the beginning of the academic term 2018-2019, health cover is free for students and you no longer need to pay into the health system to benefit from it. If you are registering in higher education for the first time with a foreign nationality:  you will need to register with the social security system in France through the website specifically made for students This is totally free yet mandatory and will allow you to benefit from reimbursements for your health expenses. In this case you must already be registered with a higher education institution to obtain your number.


Students registering for the first time

Registration on the ameli website:

Students re-registering at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

No procedure, your previous cover is extended.

In order to benefit from the Social Security, you have to keep your personal information up to date (especially your bank details if you want to receive your refunds).

Additional Health insurance

The Social Security refunds up to 70% of your healthcare fees. If you want, you can sign up for a healthcare insurance, that will cover the rest.

  • LMDE (La Mutuelle Des Etudiants)
    36 Rue du Rem Saint-Etienne, 31000 Toulouse
  • Phone number : +33(0)9 69 36 96 01
    7 rue des lois 31000 Toulouse
    Phone number: +33(0)8 25 82 57 15 or +33(0)5 61 21 89 92

Liability insurance

All students must be have a Civil Liability Insurance ("Responsabilité Civile - Vie Privée") for the whole year and that includes a cover for internships. The insurance certificate must be provided during the registration.

In each case, foreign students must complete their registration. They must contact the ENSIACET International Office upon arrival at Toulouse.



There are many ways to accommodate yourself near the INP-ENSIACET campus.
Partnerships with agencies or local residences make sure that every year new student-engineers can find accommodation adapted to their wishes.

On-campus University restaurant

University restaurant

Located on the campus, the CROUS restaurant offers full meals (starter + main course+ dessert for 3,25 euros). It is open from Monday to Friday at lunchtime. Payments are made with a Izly card - the student card (MUT card). It is possible to recharge all of these cards in the restaurant itself.

Off campus, there are many other CROUS restaurants in Toulouse. These cafeterias might serve typical meals (starter + main course+ dessert) or fast food (sandwiches, paninis, pasta boxes...). All of these structures are open from Monday to Friday at lunchtime. Some of them are open for meals in the evenings, for dinner. You can obtain a list of all the CROUS restaurants on the CROUS website.

In all the CROUS restaurants and cafeterias, students and academics can pay via Izly, the CROUS payment system. 

The school cafeteria

For students who don't have the time to go the university restaurant, the BDF sells sandwiches, drinks and snacks at the school cafeteria. The BDF also has a breakfast menu, and afternoon snacks...

Public transport in Toulouse

TisséoAt your arrival from the airport, you can take a shuttle or tram to the city center and then the bus and / or subway.

Toulouse is a city where every public transport can be used via the "Carte Pastel": Subway, tramway, buses, bikes... We strongly recommend you get one as soon as possible in order to avoid paying for tickets each time you want to go somewhere. Once you have it, you will be able to buy monthly subscriptions (10 euros per month for unlimited trips).

Further information on

French coursesFrench courses for foreign students accepted at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

French courses at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET offers regular and free French courses two hours a week for its foreign students.

These allow you to perfect your French.

The credits earned in this course (2 ECTS) can be part of your learning agreement.

Scientific and technical French courses during summer

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET and its partners offer a French language summer school to students wishing to intensively practice French and learn specific scientific terms that you will need during your courses.

More info on Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT website

French courses at Toulouse university

"Université de Toulouse" offers French lessons as well as summer schools.

More info on Université de Toulouse website


Upon arrival at ENSIACETProcess for foreign students accepted to ENSIACET

On your arrival in Toulouse (preferably one week before the courses begin):

  • Introduce yourself to the university residency that was assigned to you.
    • In the case of the “Cité Universitaire Rangueil”, the reception is situated in the tripod A.
    • Try to arrive during the working days and hours if possible.
  • Introduce yourself to the International Office of Toulouse INP-ENSIACET in order to proceed to you registration and to get your student card and your internet access codes.

Life in Toulouse

Located at a crossroads of two major axes, one linking the Mediterranean sea with the Atlantic ocean, the other linking France to Spain, Toulouse is the 4th biggest student city in France with over 110 000 students.

Toulouse ranks 2nd in the best student cities and towns ranking (L'Étudiant).

Entertainment is easy in Occitanie, with both the mountains and the sea accessible in less than a 2-hour drive away !


Toulouse is a warm and friendly city, with a rich cultural and sport life. It also offers many opportunities in the fields of aeronautics, space, electronics, biotechnologies, health... the Toulousan know-how does not have to prove itself.


Région Occitanie

Between the mountains and the sea, discover Occitanie, its culture and its industry.


Contact Toulouse INP-ENSIACET

L'école de la transformation de la matière et de l'énergie

4, allée Emile Monso - CS 44362
31030 TOULOUSE Cedex 4, France

+33 (0)5 34 32 33 00