There are many ways to find accommodation near the Toulouse INP-ENSIACET campus. The school has partnerships with agencies or local residences in order to make sure that engineering students can find a place that fulfils their needs.
The International Office can assist you in this process.

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Halls of residence managed by the local CROUS

Some halls of residence are managed by the Centre régional des œuvres universitaires (C.R.O.U.S. – Regional students’ welfare office). They are one of the most inexpensive accommodation solutions around, but places are limited. Priority is given to students with scholarships from the French government or from certain States which have signed agreements with France. If you want to apply for accommodation in one of these halls, you need to fill a file of application online. The application file is available here: . You can also get more information about the CROUS halls on the CROUS website.


All the CROUS halls:

Exchange students

Each year, the Toulouse INP-ENSIACET International Relations office books some rooms in these halls of residence.

  • The number of rooms is limited.
  • You can only ask for one of those rooms once you've been accepted in Toulouse INP-ENSIACET.

If you are an exchange student and want to get accommodation in one of those halls, please contact the IR office first

Private Halls of Residence Close to the School

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET is in contact with local companies dedicated to providing accommodation for students, who keep a number of flats available exclusively for ENSIACET students.

You can get the detailed list of these residence halls and their specifics on the French page.


Flat-sharing is a good solution for people who like living with other students, or people who don't like being alone.

  • You may contact the Bureau des Élèves de Toulouse INP-ENSIACET (bdea7 @ (BDE) who will give you information regarding ENSIACET students looking for someone to share a flat with.

Renting a room in someone's houseHost family accommodation

ART is an association that offers help to people looking for a host family. The registration fee is 95€, and then the association helps you find a family that will accommodate you in Toulouse.

Plan at least 300 to 400€ a month for:

  • a furnished room of at least 10m2 and with at least a window,
  • room and sheets cleaned once per week,
  • access to a bathroom (with towels and a shower or bathtub),
  • restroom,
  • access to the communal fridge,
  • a daily breakfast.


This kind of accommodation implies a few rules:

  • Trust between the two parties is of course mandatory
  • The rooms are only for one person
  • No visits are allowed at night. During the day, the family must agree before you invite anyone
  • You must be at least 18 years old

Further information:

Temporary accommodation

If you are only staying in Toulouse for a few weeks (internship for example), you may stay at these places :

  • university residence halls, both private or low cost.
  • youth hostels,
  • homes for young workers

Further information on the Toulouse University Welcome Desk website

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