On-campus University restaurant

University restaurant

Located on the campus, the CROUS restaurant offers full meals (starter + main course+ dessert for 3,25 euros). It is open from Monday to Friday at lunchtime. Payments are made with a Izly card - the student card (MUT card). It is possible to recharge all of these cards in the restaurant itself.

Off campus, there are many other CROUS restaurants in Toulouse. These cafeterias might serve typical meals (starter + main course+ dessert) or fast food (sandwiches, paninis, pasta boxes...). All of these structures are open from Monday to Friday at lunchtime. Some of them are open for meals in the evenings, for dinner. You can obtain a list of all the CROUS restaurants on the CROUS website.

In all the CROUS restaurants and cafeterias, students and academics can pay via Izly, the CROUS payment system. 

The school cafeteria

For students who don't have the time to go the university restaurant, the BDF sells sandwiches, drinks and snacks at the school cafeteria. The BDF also has a breakfast menu, and afternoon snacks...

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